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60 Minutes Virtual Lesson 

. Duration:1h·. Price:Free

Virtual Initial Swing Evaluation 

. Duration:1h 30m·. Price:Free

In person


90 Minute Swing Evaluation

. Duration:1h 30m·. Price:Free

60 Minute In-Person Lesson

. Duration:1h·. Price:Free

9 Hole Playing Lesson

. Duration:2h·. Price:Free

Jr Golf Lesson (1hr)

. Duration:1h··. Price:Free

Tour Strike Challenge

. Duration:1h·. Price:Free

120 Min Lesson

. Duration:2h··. Price:Free

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35 reviews
  • Alex Lucre·

    Awesome first evaluation. Adam is as legit as they come and I’m looking forward to working with him more in the future.

  • Martin·

    All I can say is Adam has shown me exactly what my problem is. Not like any lesson I’ve had before. My ball striking had gotten bad the last few years. I was getting close to giving up golf. Don’t expect to be a great player but want to make it more enjoyable. I think I’m on the right path. Thanks to Adam’s teachings!!

  • Robert E·

    Adam continues to set the standard for teaching this wonderful activity. Go Adam!

  • Robert E Howard·

    Good day all,
    This will be my fourth lesson with Adam and his interpersonal skills are the same as the first day.
    He makes training fun and productive.
    He has a high five stat rating because of both his professional and personable skill sets.

  • Scott·

    Thanks to Adam my swing has never been better.the technology he has in studio is so helpful.

  • Landyn Rivdeneira·

    I wish I could put 10 stars because my experience with Adam has been absolutely phenomenal. His passion for the sport and helping others are the exact traits you want but can’t get with just any instructor. I must start off by saying I began golfing in Nov so not even 6 months in and I couldn’t be any more happier with the results. Together from day 1 we set goals as an entry level golfer for where I want to be in the the coming months and created clear path on how to get there. Mind you I couldn’t hit a golf ball for my life without topping it or slicing it into the woods as I’ve never golfed before. Adam’s patient, understanding, enthusiastic, and motivating approach made me feel comfortable and heard as a first time golfer.. He uses state of the art technology to gather data and analyze each aspect of your swing for example: stance, grip, positioning of the club, swing path, follow through, body weight distribution. Adam’s has a way of consolidating all the variables into a clear message of feedback for people to digest and comprehend so that they can make the needed adjustments moving forward. His set up records your training sessions with him and afterwards uploads to an app for you to review as many times as you’d like at no additional cost. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better environment, instructor and overall person as my intro into golf. He makes you feel comfortable and never pressures you into doing anything. I’ll end on this note, I’m not slicing/topping the ball anymore and I can play good golf while even beating some of my friends who’ve been playing their whole life. Thank you Adam!!

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